Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Morning View, Far and Near

The sun rose on a very gray day, with a dense ground fog obscuring the view across the lake. It was thick enough that Mercer Island completely disappeared from view. The world outside the bedroom window took on the color of dryer lint, a mottled mat of wispy, twisted gray strands. The fog gradually thinned, drifting south on a light breeze, and within the hour The Mountain, Mt. Rainier, was visible again far away in the distance.

These two cormorants spent most of the day perched atop the piling; sleeping, preening and spreading their wings as if to catch the sun as it burned through the fog.This pair remained on those same piling from dawn until 3:00pm, without flying away or diving to fish. When do they eat? 

Eventually the sun broke through and Seattle enjoyed another blue sky day, but I missed most of it. The Seahawks game kept me indoors in front of the television. (Go Hawks!) Maybe tomorrow will bring another sunny day.

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