Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gone Cruisin'

We're back aboard Rhapsody, doing boat stuff and having fun. Check out this year's cruising or even cooking at the other sites.

This was the view out the pilothouse port window early Saturday morning. Since then we have seen rain showers and downpours, blue sky and heavy overcast and felt a gale blow through the area. It certainly feels like Spring in the Pacific Northwest - just wait a bit and the weather will change! 

The Grass Project is already a dim memory, now that we're out of town and afloat.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grass Project Update

A few days ago Ron added more grass seed. Since then we have seen more sun than rain and the daytime temperatures have risen a bit. All good things. In the encouraging warmth of today's sunshine you can watch the grass grow... well, almost. Those vivid green shoots are getting taller by the hour, except in those annoying bare spots where they haven't even sprouted yet.

Patience, besides grass, I really need to grow some patience.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Green Grass Report... sort of

That's it, the new lawn after three weeks of mixed weather conditions. We have seen downpours, windstorms, nearly freezing overnight temperatures and the occasional sunny day that approached sixty degrees. This is Springtime in Seattle, with its notorious "just wait 15 minutes and conditions will change" weather. Skiers revel in several inches of new snow dumped on nearby mountains while joggers run in the parks dressed in tank tops and shorts. Myself, I vote for warm and sunny.

Sigh, I really wanted magic. Instead I have an invitation to develop patience, to embrace delayed gratification, to visualize green. Give me patience... nah, give me green!!