Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Any fall day without a rainstorm is an invitation to enjoy a walk. Not a power walk, certainly not a jog, but a move-it-along walk until something of interest stops us. We carried the cameras today so it took longer than usual to cover the length of Coulon Park... and wander back to the car again.

Fall's final colors, the yellows and golds, still hang on while the reds and oranges have fallen and now lay crinkled and scattered along the paths. What a visual treat, and such a temptation to kick up leaf piles like a kid. On sunny days the trees are cloaked in a haze of neon color. Today it was merely colorful, but who cared? it wasn't raining. 

Very few other walkers met us or passed by on the path today, so we enjoyed the company of a variety of birds. Canadian geese, mallards and mixed breed ducks, coots, mergansers, loons and seagulls cruised, dove and fed along the shoreline. My favorites? A small flock of crows clowning around in the trees. They challenged each other with calls and swooping mock aerial attacks. Their chatter and cawing only slowed a bit when I approached with my camera. Heads swiveling, beady eyes watchful, those corvids weren't bothered at all by advancing humans.