Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: A New Year

How did you celebrate the holiday? Parties? Fireworks? We went the quiet route and stayed home last night to watch the festivities on TV. The Space Needle fireworks show was impressive, with some unusual effects lighting the structure as well the sky above it. This morning attention turned to the Rose Parade, the 124th, and I clicked the remote repeatedly to switch between stations and not miss a minute of coverage. 42 gorgeous flower-bedecked floats, created around the theme "Oh, The Places You'll Go!", traveled the 5-mile parade route, interspersed with 21 impressive equestrian units and 33 bands strutting their stuff while they played in the unseasonably chilly weather. Brrrrr, you had to be hardy to camp out on the curb all night along Orange Grove, Del Mar or Colorado Avenues.     

Seattle's blue sky lured us out of the house for a trip to Alki Beach, for our own parade along the sea wall and lunch at Spud Fish and Chips. Sunshine brought crowds of people to West Seattle today. People of all ages were taking photos, scuba diving, kayaking, jogging, walking their dogs, strolling and biking all along the waterfront. It was that kind of day, clear and crisp at 34 F, a day to enjoy being active outside.

And then there was lunch...

It wasn't health food, or even heart-friendly fare, but this tray held a lot of history along with the chowder, clam strips and chips. Spud has been an institution at this location in Seattle since it's founding in 1934, four years earlier than well-known Seattle competitor Ivar Haglund. I remember Spud as the first place I saw someone sprinkle vinegar on their fish and chips. Vinegar?! Oh yeah. 

Photo: The clam chowder was rich, velvety and comforting on a chilly day.

Photo: Lightly breaded and fried crispy, these clam strips rock! 

All that was missing was a pint of beer, but the day was probably too cold to enjoy one. I know we needed another long walk, or maybe a long nap, after we finished this lunch.

One last celebration today, again in front of the television, as I cheered Stanford on to victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl Game. Sorry Badgers, you played a good game today, just not good enough.