Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome Home

Cookies by Hilary

We enjoyed some good adventures on our 2011 cruise, nonetheless it felt good to return home last week. The trip south from the boat was routine, usually a good thing when you'e on the road. We have run this route so often it seems like our SUV runs on autopilot. (Note: that's my opinion, not necessarily the driver's.) We cleared U.S. Customs at the border in record time and motored on, pausing for a visit with some good friends along the route. 

At home we opened the door to a special treat. Niece Hilary was there to welcome us with a hug, a big smile and a table of treats. The platter of homemade, hand-decorated cookies said it all. Thank you, Hilary.

We've been home for a week and are now focused on life ashore instead of life afloat. The cookies may be long gone, but that warm, welcome-home feeling remains as we reconnect with friends and our Seattle life.. 

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