Saturday, December 11, 2010

Costco Cookie Woes

Costco is a dangerous destination, full of temptations for an innocent and unwary shopper. Just last week I was overcome by the sight of some familiar round, red tins, all piled high in a tower along the main aisleway. 

Cookies! those irresistible Danish butter cookies that we love. We rarely buy them, those guilty goodies that encourage easy snacking, overeating, gluttony. So how did that tin end up in my kitchen? I confess, I'm the shopper who weakened and put it in the cart, fully intending to parcel out the cookies sparingly, maybe even freeze some. Honest, I had good intentions, after all that tin held five pounds of cookie delight (just in case you missed the fine print on the tin above).

Here's the sorry sight a little more than one week later. Sigh! Do you suppose Santa and his elves drop by each night after we've gone to bed? I've heard that they're real cookie fans.

No worry, I'll just add more minutes and miles to next week's exercise schedule... that might take care of the guilt if not the calories. It's certain that the only cookies I bake in December should be for gift packages.

Another certainty - I'll avoid that section of the aisle if I visit Costco again soon!

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Anonymous said...

The one that gets me...the Popcorn tin...cheese, butter and carmel popcorn. Can you say yummy!