Monday, November 22, 2010

Bird Feeder Action

This morning's snowfall was a treat, especially since we didn't have to drive anywhere today. While I gazed out the kitchen window, marveling at the beauty and leisurely enjoying a cup of tea, a flurry of motion caught my eye. One of the resident hummingbirds did repeated fly-bys, checking out the empty branch where he expected a winter feeder. Oops! how could I forget my bird feeder duties?!

RL did the footwork on the snowy deck, and will have to do early morning duty for the rest of the week. The feeder will freeze overnight, and a backup container is ready to be swapped in. The problem? the birds wake up hours before we do, and they get a little noisy and aggressive when you keep them waiting. I know that feisty feeling, if my breakfast and that first cup of tea are delayed. 

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